If Facebook ever shuts down

Ever wondered what would happen if Facebook were to shut down one day? Recently, 2 months ago, Mongolians posted a picture of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about the timeline (read about this announcement here) and strongly received the information that Facebook will be closed soon. One of the few TV stations that have the right to broadcast across the country prepared a report about the shutdown in the middle of the news. Some people were sending messages on messengereer saying spread this news to 30 people or else your Facebook will be blocked.

Let’s imagine what would happen if something really shut down.

In interpersonal relationships
There are 1.5 to 2.0 million monthly active British Student Phone Number List users from Mongolia, and the total number of registered accounts has already exceeded 2 million. Of course, there are many fake accounts and accounts that were not opened for personal purposes. First, you may lose touch with some of your friends. It also means that you won’t see selfies and check-ins of friends, family, and people you’ve become friends with. Stay up-to-date on cool events, meetings, new restaurants, and store openings. Getting new knowledge and information from various professional groups and pages, and not seeing other people’s “real comments” or opinions, in a sense, the “speed” of learning some information will decrease. This is one of the main reasons Facebook has reached people. It has been possible to make communication between people more “informative” and closer, which has brought more than 1 billion users.

How to affect business
There are 200,000-250,000 people who have created a Facebook Page in Mongolia, and the number of users who have paid for Facebook advertising in the last 3 months is about 5,000. However, how many MNTs from Mongolia can be found only on the integrated statistical banks.

Today, I am sure that when asked what is the “cheapest” and most effective channel to reach consumers in Mongolia, everyone will answer with one voice: Facebook.

The biggest advantage of Facebook is that you can find your exact target users with the help of the tools that you have produced with great accuracy, and you can control and deliver your ads to them in the amount you want.

Facebook shut down suddenly… what happens?

Special Database

Facebook like

People understand that chasing likes or having more likes gives them an advantage. But this is a relative concept. What percentage of CU Lists Facebook likes are your users? How do you know and register as a user? Better to have 200,000 likes. Is 20,000 users’ phone and email data more important?

Post engagement

You get lots of likes and comments with contests and daily updates for users. As a result, do you have any leads or contacts left? Did it just click like? If there is no Facebook, what will become of this big like comment?


Many users have definitely connected to your page because they are interested in your products and services. Do you have aggregate data of those people? Can you access them all at once, such as calling them back or sending mass emails.

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