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 like HBO’s theme songs 393 SHARES Facebook 391 Twitter Pinterest 2 LinkedIn The perfect Facebook post that people can’t pass by without stopping and most of them will click to read your latest blog post. Easier said than done. you can invest in to make your Facebook updates more interesting and better attract people’s attention – and of course also those clicks to your blog. In this article, I will present you 9 methods that  found to work if the purpose is to get directed traffic from Facebook to your blog. 9 ways to improve your Facebook posts and get more traffic to your blog 1.

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 Keep your updates short Even if people click through your post to read your blog – which is likely to contain a lot of text – they still new data may not be able to read long chunks of text in your Facebook update. If your update contains too much text without any line spacing, even a good blog post can go to waste when people can’t stop at your Facebook update to figure out where you’re directing them. Too long Facebook posts are therefore a risk for getting maximum traffic to your blog.  the best amount of text for a post is just one sentence. That should summarize the deepest essence of the blog post to be shared and the most interesting thing.

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I personally think that there can be more text, but you have to know how to divide it so that you can read it to the end. The text can be divided and lightened by adding line spacing or even emojis, which at the same time bring liveliness and visuality to the post. The following three points give you more tips for the text part of a Facebook post. 2. Ask questions A well-thought-out question is a powerful way to get the reader to stop at the post, because questions automatically make us want to answer them, at least in our own heads. In general, the  CU Lists questions also get a good response from the audience, as long as the question is related to a topic that touches them and arouses some emotion in them.

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