How to open a website

A lot of people ask how to start a website for their business, so I decided to write about it.

1. Choose a domain address
First of all, you need to choose the right domain for your business, and even if you don’t have a website yet, it’s very important to order your company name or product service name first. Because someone could be looking for your domain name right now. As for the domain name, it is owned by whoever gets it first, so don’t waste your time.

For business organizations, you can choose a name with the extension TANYNER.MN or TANYNER.COM.

What makes a .MN domain name better than other domain names like .com, .net, .org, and .biz? Many people ask. In short, there is no advantage at all.

See the comparison below

.mn .com, .net, .org
Price 88,000₮/ 1 year 33,000₮-43,000₮/ 1 year
Safety Same Angola Email List  Same
Coverage Same Same
Expression Only in Mongolia, it appears as Mongolian. It appears worldwide and as country
Selection Only Mongolians take it. Relatively many choices. Few choices

3 main things to consider when choosing a domain name

Country Email List

If the domain address you choose is weak in the username of other social sites, it will be useful in the future. Assuming that I am going to CU Lists get a domain called, I will open my business page on as But think about what happens if someone else takes the name
A business owner should register a domain address only with his own email address. Generally speaking, the organization making the website is registered by individuals in their own name, which carries a lot of risk in the future. The real owner of the domain address is the owner of the e-mail address that registered the domain address, so you should pay attention to the owner’s e-mail address.
Renew your domain name before it expires because not renewing your domain name on time can result in your website being blocked or deleted, your business emails blocked or deleted, and the recovery of a deleted domain name will incur an additional penalty in addition to the annual domain name renewal fee! If your business is going to operate in a stable long term, it is right to extend it for many years.

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