How Are You Ranking These Days

How many times did you open a web browser and use a search engine this week? If you are like most, quite a few times! We all use search engines countless times a day! Whether you are looking for a phone number, a location, online shopping, or to see if your favorite celebrity is still alive and how old they indeed are! In fact, 93% of all internet activity begins on a search engine.[1] search engines filter the infinite amount of data throughout the world wide web and deliver relevant and valuable results.

These search engine results are then delivered

The exact individual searching based on the question, or phrase asked, past search history, location, and a host of other factors. This is great for finding what you’re looking for quickly, but what buy phone number list does this mean for your business?

We’ve all heard the terms – ppc, seo, sem, serp – but what do all those letters stand for? And why, as a business owner, should you care? This may seem as complicated as learning a new language, but it is as simple to understand as it is crucial to your business, so let’s begin with some basic terminology.

Serp – search engine results page. These are the online pages of results when you enter a word or phrase into search engines like google or bing. These platforms deliver information in an order that best fits the query.

Sem  search engine marketing

Sem utilizes search engine platforms, either through CU Lists paid or organic efforts, to appear higher in search engine results and thus drive traffic to your website. Both will require an investment -either time or money. But we also know that when you apply both, the results for your organization are exponentially better. The closer your website is to the top, the higher your company’s visibility, products, or services to interested individuals, increasing the likelihood of a web visit, phone call, lead, or sale. Bringing your ranking up also gives you the ability to “push” competitors onto deeper pages.

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