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Union or the UN undertake activities such as introducing legal regulations taking initiatives to separate growth from economic development . However Fragment complete change and adaptation of current structures to alternative solutions to economic growth may be difficult to achieve. First of all it would be necessary to ensure that society fully participates in social life and take care of the common good without encouraging them to compete and excessive consumption. In addition strive to limit the unwise use of natural resources as much as possible including achieving business goals using sustainable development indicators not growth indicators to assess the state of the economy.

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Sometimes quantitative economic data or the level of economic growth do not prove the high quality of people’s lives. That is why it is so important to draw a line between the concepts of economic growth and development. Development may occur without achieving specific philippines photo editor indicator values but the key issue that the authorities should focus on is activities for ecological solutions and innovations. It is necessary to support and finance projects that expand access to renewable energy sources. Similarly regulations and legal sanctions should be introduc for the use of exhaustible raw materials, hard coal and fossil fuels.

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