External links are those on pages outside your

Website that, preferably, have a higher authority than yours. Thus, part of the authority already accumulat by them is also transferr to you through these links ! And building authority, even when inherit from another website, is still bas on the quality of each content — something standard when we talk about SEO strategies in Digital Marketing . In other words: any SEO professional or agency will tell you that the best way to get external links is to create relevant content . After all, when Content Marketing work is done well, recognition and referrals tend to emerge naturally.

Making your business content communicate with

But regardless, there are some recommend tactics — which I’ll outline below. Recommend link building tactics Internal links The first step to new data developing a good link building strategy (and the most basic step among all tactics) is to abuse internal links . Making your business content communicate with each other (where one points to the other using internal links) not only prevents visitors from abandoning the site too soon, but also creates a network of complementary information that, together, gives for them everything they ne to solve the problems they are looking for.

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Precisely to offer the public answers

Solutions for! In fact, the time a lead spends on the website — especially when he consumes one piece of content after another and from beginning to end — indicates to search engines that the material is relevant and that, add to the other CU Lists content point out by internal links, he It’s also complete ! Quality and quantity ne to go hand in hand , precisely to offer the public answers to the dilemmas they seek to solve from different angles — and also so that such answers are truly useful. Otherwise, having a bunch of content that follows all the best link building practices, but that doesn’t retain visitors or lead them to other content from your.

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