Today in Mongolia, 700,000 – 1 million users read news on the Internet once a month, and the number of registered Facebook accounts exceeds 2 million. Every month, 1.5 – 2 million users regularly use Facebook. What these numbers mean in one word is that consumers have gone digital.

Furthermore, more than 90 percent of all Facebook users use mobile phones. On weekdays, the ratio of access to websites is 50/50 from desktop computers and mobile phones, and on weekends, mobile phones account for more than 80% of the total access.

Is your business feeling this wave?


There has come a time when the process India Part Time Job Seekers Phone Number List of acquiring new customers in the online environment is almost the same as in the office (with almost the same steps and time and cost). Some businesses are only getting new customers online. You’re probably already familiar with the terms email marketing, social media marketing, Facebook boost, website, and search engine optimization. There is no doubt that some of them have been successfully used to some extent. But how do you learn to see and use the big picture and how they are interconnected?

As a comprehensive answer to this question

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We are organizing the lecture “LOCATING YOUR BUSINESS IN THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT” on Saturday, April 21. A brief CU Lists overview of the course content:

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The training hall is limited, so it is recommended that you register in advance to secure your seat. Go to the following link and register for the course directly.

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