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I insist: being well inform would mean having a clinical eye to capture the tragic dimension of existence, that is, discovering inexorable defeat, the evidence of essential failure: life surrenders its weapons in the face of death; material progress implies moral barbarism. Boomers Generation Time religions proclaim peace and love, but they incubate fanaticism, wars and exclusion; politics aims to organize men with reason and justice, but it generates social experiments that legitimize institutionaliz crime and injustice; in short, notice that the human experiment bears some dark analogy with that out-of-control monstrosity creat by dr. Victor frankenstein: a naive and good-heart monster that ends up becoming a killing machine.

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Thus, being well inform would be equivalent to looking squarely at the evidence that emerges from a world that exudes inhumanity., and notice how a chronic discomfort is gradually incubating by noticing the essential inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the commitment to the pain of those who business lead unjustly suffer the most; experience a flash of shame at the peace that comfort offers when it is enjoy under the infamous shadow of deprivation to which millions on the planet are condemn; feel how helplessness and despair take us by storm before the onslaught of misfortunes, bitter fruits – the chance of nature;

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For his part, the militant optimist, the one who claims his right to remain on the shores bath by the waters of unconditional existential good cheer, directs his rapt gaze almost exclusively towards the bright side of life; that optimist admits, yes. Boomers Generation Time that there is misery in the world, merciless chance, injustice and gratuitous CU Lists suffering, but all of this, he thinks, is in principle surmountable., that uncomfortable hindrance is there, without a doubt, but it will not prevent, sooner or later, the expect transition to a tomorrow in which all men will live as brothers, fully enjoying the benefits of progress.

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