Agulla & Baccetti living history of advertising in El Ojo de Iberoamérica

Few people better represent what Latin talent is like Ramiro Agulla and Carlos Baccetti . His agency De he Agulla & Baccetti revolutionized Latin advertising, and served as a school for great advertising figures who today triumph in other parts of the world, such as Leandro Raposo. In this XXV Edition of El Ojo de Iberoamérica, the festival inaugurates the “Hall of Honor” , with which they seek to recognize the career of great figures in Latin advertising, and as it could not be otherwise, on this second day of the festival the award has gone to these two creative geniuses. Before the gala, attendees had the opportunity to attend a talk starring Agulla and Baccetti, who were the main attraction of the program and filled the conference room to capacity.

Recognized creative duos in Latin America

What is one of the most, they did a brief review of some of their most iconic campaigns, such as “La llama que llama” , and shared with the industry email list attendees some tips that helped them achieve the success they achieved and some of his funniest anecdotes. To begin, Baccetti highlighted that the most important thing between an agency and a client is the relationship. «We discovered that nothing good can happen if each side thinks about its own thing. “If there is a good relationship, every point of view we share can end in a good idea,” he assured.

Agulla reaffirmed this statement

Saying that “the customer is God, and you can talk to God.” Looking back, Agulla remembered that they asked the client: “What has to happen for CU Lists our work to be considered good?” Clients always responded that they should sell more, but Agulla and Baccetti made them see that that was not their role. « The job of advertising is to create links with the brand and improve the brand. If we achieve it, sales will come,” they assured. Regarding what made this agency so special, Agulla and Baccetti told you that, despite what is often thought, theirs was never a creative agency, it was a more strategic agency. Had to do with the business. We understood the needs and positioned ourselves as strategic partners. We lived the brand outside the agency. 

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