Adapting to New Changes on the Way

Our research shows that 70 percent of marketers use at. Least two data storage solutions to house data, putting them at risk for. Data breaches. When your data comes from multiple sources and you store it in different databases, it makes. You more vulnerable to attacks. Knowing where your data is and who has. Access to it at any given time is essential to keeping it safe. Fortunately, following data storage and privacy best practices can eliminate your liability burden.

Data is only as good as the person who enters it. Make sure you have clear guidelines when you ask a customer to enter their data into a form or when you do data entry for your business.

Data can be stored for as long as the consumer allows it

While you might want to keep everything you’ve collected, data can go bad (like milk). When thinking about storing your data, consider giving your outbound calling laws customers the ability to request their data be deleted from your database and identifying your business data retention plan.

Data should be cleaned constantly

That might seem daunting, but if you are using it on a consistent basis, you want to make sure it’s kept in order. Reflect this in your data retention plan and communicate it to your whole team.
Store your data securely.

As data privacy changes change with it

Most marketers know how to duck, bob, and weave when industry changes are out of their control. But we’re all facing dramatic changes in CU Lists third-party data privacy, security and liability that require a different kind of agility. The more prepared and strategic you are, the easier it is to do your job effectively and efficiently.

Talk with other business owners on how they’re using data. Don’t work through this alone. Use your network to find out how others are dealing with the upcoming changes.

To learn more about the research study, check out our entire executive summary. And to explore the data yourself, check it out here.

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