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However to achieve tangible and measurable results it is essential to integrate an account-bas marketing strategy that allows you to identify specific target companies and design tailor-made activities to convert contacts into satisfi customers. Where to start Here are some tips. Download the ebook Original content As we have already seen updat and valuable content plays a decisive role in business results and those shar on LinkIn are no different . The platform for professionals has introduc a function that allows you to analyze the most interesting topics for your network of contacts.

In this video it is explain

Step by step how to set up the analysis of the interests of the target audience starting from simple filters that work on the type of company Business Lead location and professional role. Original and internally produc content is much more effective than any other shar material because it attracts and engages audiences bas on up-to-date and topical information. For this reason it is essential to integrate social communication with corporate communication and content marketing activities developing a monthly itorial plan that includes at least 2 shares per week.

Short but clear messages

Before sharing blog articles images or videos it is essential to pay attention to the post that accompanies the content: it must be clear and effective. Social mia has a particularly low rate of attention due to the quantity of content offer and the ease of scrolling through the fe. Writing as little as possible taking care not to omit important information CU Lists allows you to improve the number of views. The visual to diversify the proposal Visual content easily sticks in users minds and social mia is the perfect channel to promote it.

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