5 trends that an MSP should follow to improve

5 trends that an msp should follow to improve their business.  The two-year period 2020-2021 has marked profound transformations from every point of view. It service providers, in particular, have found themselves grappling with new trends. That have changed the way people work. Let’s see together what the main ones are and why a solution.  Like domotz , the platform that allows you to monitor and manage all your customers’.  Networks in a simple and secure way, can be a valid ally. 1) safety as a culture many industry experts believe that cyber security. Is the most “Sensitive” area for companies to manage. 

Actionable data and dashboards

So you, an msp, should stay updated on the. Best strategies to guarantee your customers a peaceful night’s sleep. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more common every day,.  And are becoming increasingly powerful , targeted and difficult to detect and new data counter. Security is a vast topic and we could stay here . Talking about it for hours but some small tips to follow are worth highlighting. Let’s see them below: use of the best technologies . Nowadays, the dear old friend antivirus is no longer enough, we need to . Go further, the security of a company cannot depend solely on . Software that detects known threats; development of a real . Cult of safety to spread and make your customers understand who, in turn, will be able to transfer it

And which path will you follow?

These three points make us understand how fundamental.  It is to consider security as a process , made up of technological . Solutions but also and above all of rules, good it hygiene standards.  Attention from CU Lists the entire company.  Not just those who are responsble for make things right when . You get into trouble. A tool like domotz , for example, can help you.  Detect security issues because it allows you to have visibility . Into any open ports, foreign domains, changes to the configuration . Of the company network as well as giving you the ability to perform security scans. 

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