5 Obstacles to Sales That You Must Know

Studies show that a normal person will see thousands of advertisements every day. So what is the guarantee that our advertisement/promotion will succeed in attracting the interest of potential buyers?

For a sale to happen, we must answer or break the 5 sales barriers as mentioned by zig ziglar in the picture.

1. No need : why do potential customers need the products we sell? Does it solve the problems faced by them?

2. No money : the first obstacle was successfully broken. But customers don’t have enough money to buy or don’t have the budget to buy the products we sell. Here the ingenuity of giving discounts plays a role. Usually it is not that the customer has no money but rather that there is no budget to buy it.

The second obstacle was successfully broken

But potential customers can’t see why they need to buy in a hurry. Why buy now instead of on payday? Break this barrier with limited time sales techniques! Limited discount! Limited stock! Will run out! Bestseller! Act hard!

4: no desire: there are many products that customers need, they have money and there are limited sales offers, but their desire to own the product is not strong enough. This step requires psychological & emotional play. The arguments needed to break this barrier also need psychological & emotional elements. Prospective customers also need to be given more information to build interest, curiosity, and the satisfaction of owning that will be enjoyed after purchasing the product. If possible, ask the customer – “What other information do you need to know so that you can make a buying decision.

Why should they trust us

Why buy from us and not someone else? Break this argument by providing testimonials from satisfied customers who have bought from us. Have a conversation with a customer on whatsapp? Using!

When these five obstacles are broken & collapsed, god willing, sales will happen. Use the above techniques in writing your sales script starting today.

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