4 Steps to Gather Analyze and Secure Your Data

80% of business marketers say their organizations leverage targeted media buys based on data parameters set by organizations like google and facebook.

That’s no surprise as those are some of the top platforms. They have been in the data collection business since day one. Have you ever wondered what would happen if they go away? That’s the number one reason why it’s worth diversifying your ads across different platforms and ad networks.

Depending on how you do it, targeted ads often require third-party data to be effective. And the data needed to place a targeted ad to a segment of an organization’s audience needs to come from somewhere.

Ad targeting with firstparty data isn’t all that different

The main difference is you’re no longer relying on other organizations to collect, organize, and segment the data. That may seem like it requires more effort, but it’s often more reliable, accurate, and valuable.
Now’s the time to adapt how you can purchase phone lists collect and analyze customer data.

Even if third-party cookies on chrome are here until 2024, that change will be here before you know it. Business marketers who plan ahead will find themselves better positioned to continue business as usual when the changes hit.

What’s important is that you take action to upgrade your data practices — one step at a time.

Step one, create a plan to start collecting first-party data and how you’re going to implement it.

Step two, audit your existing data.

Ask yourself these questions

How is it formatted?
Where is it stored?
Where does it come from?
What data do you need?
What data can you live without?
Step three, implement your plan CU Lists with findings from the audit.

Step four, hire someone — seriously! If you have the budget, hire someone internally to head up the switch to first-party data. Otherwise, find a firm that will partner with you — one that has invested the time, knowledge, and resources into this area. Good news is that we know just the place.

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