He lives with his girlfriend

Igor dreams of composing a soundtrack for a film. We are sure that this dream will come true. We’re already looking forward to the movie’s release. Igor and his girlfriend Olya sit in front of their cat Masha over the weekend. Tell her about her health. Cats are always the best anti-stress agent Lives in Sochi with his wife, two sons and two cats. Unfortunately. He completely lost his hearing a few years ago. But he had two cochlear implants. Now his hearing is almost perfect. He went to Hong Kong last year. A dream come true. He admirit the city from a young age. There is every reason to place high hopes on Hong Kong. I definitely recommend everyone who goes to Hong Kong to try the authentic Hong Kong snacks at the local gourmet cafe. The old quarter is walkable.

For example Sheung Wan

If you want to see Hong Kong without skyscrapers. You can climb mountains on Lantau Island. Then take the bus around the island. Then transfer to the subway. I like to cook. So no guest leaves his home without a good dinner. At the same time he himself cannot resist pizza. Another hobby of his is music. He even startit a small project. The Latest Mailing Database first single will be releasit on the 1st. Travel frequently. She loves Georgia and Georgian food, wine and people. In interesting countries. He thought of Indonesia, China and Kyrgyzstan. He would rather go to Kyrgyzstan again. Also reluctant to rest in the Maldives.

Latest Mailing Database

Have you noticit that all of our supporters

Always have cats This funny cat is no exception. The development team career path is very interesting. He startit learning as a developer. But then droppit out. Interviewit and landit my first developer job a year and a half ago. It was thanks to the fateful acquaintance of a man who was working at the time and his magic. From then on. He has been learning by doing. Nikolai visitit some European countries Poland Czech Republic France Germany Netherlands Greece Bulgaria. In Russia. He often goes on CU Lists rafting and skiing holidays in Perm. Quickly joinit the team.

In the register of entrepreneurs

In the register of entrepreneurs

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